How Much Does A Gun Safe Weigh: A Buyer’s Guide

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Keeping a firearm can be a necessity nowadays. It provides a sense of security, which we need to feel at peace and to sleep comfortably at night. However, it can also post a hazard, especially for those people who are not authorized to use such. The need to keep such dangerous weapons paved the way for gun safes. A gun safe is a vault used to keep different types of ammunition. It prevents unauthorized access, prevents theft or burglary, and safeguards your prized possessions from being damaged due to unforeseen circumstances, and stop your guns from unintentional firing. However, gun safes can be very intimidating. With its massive size, and heavy structure, you might be asking, “How much does a gun safe weigh?”

If you have a collection of firearms, and planning on buying a gun safe for storage, then the weight of your vault must be one of your topmost priorities. Storage and hauling might be something you have to prepare for prior to your purchase. In this article, we will give you an idea about the various sizes and weights of different types of gun safes.

Types of Gun Safes

In terms of size and weight, there are three basic types of gun safes.

Three types of gun safes:

Lightweight strongboxes

This kind of gun safes are the most convenient in terms of transport. They can be hand-carried and can be sent using your regular shipping service. These small safes are not too heavy and cost-efficient. You won't have any problems finding the perfect spot for lightweight safes since they don't take up that much space. This type of gun safe weighs around 15 pounds (7.5 kg) to 45 pounds (20 kg), so carrying one is reasonably handy. They are made of a solid, single-walled body and a double-walled door. However, since this kind of gun safe can easily be carried, the risk for theft is somehow not surprising. So you have to secure your gun safe properly. Some owners even opt to have it anchored to avoid the possibility.

Medium fireproof safes

Slightly bigger than the lightweight ones, this gun safe is perfect if you want extra protection for your ammunition. These gun safes usually weigh from 100 pounds (45 kg) to around 250 pounds (115 kg) and are made of a double-walled body, stronger shutting bolts, and more reinforced hinges. Medium fireproof safes are bigger to give more room for the fire retardant. Most people prefer to buy this type since they are sturdier, but not that bulky either. They provide the best value in terms of weight, fireproof features, and insurance protection.

Bigger professional safes

The biggest in the market, these safes provide optimum security and substantial value. Weighing at 200 pounds (100 kg) up to 400 pounds (200 kg), professional safes are not to be messed up with. These safes are made of reinforced steel, so durability is out of the question. The door is four-walled and can protect your firearms up to 60 minutes in case of fire. Thanks to its specially designed fire insulator. Aside from ammunition, you can also use this to safe-keep your pertinent documents. Due to its heavyweight, you won't have a problem with burglary or theft.

How much do gun safes weigh?

Here’s a summary of the three types and how much do these gun safes weigh:

Type of Fire Safe

Weight Range

Most Common

Strong Boxes

15-45 lb

25 lb

Medium fireproof safes

100-250 lb

180 lb

Bigger professional safes

200+ lb

350 lb

Here are a few things to consider before you finally make that purchase


Gun safes differ from each other. Various types can offer different features depending on the weight, the made, and the size and capacity. The most important aspect to remember is how much benefit you can get from the gun safe of your choice. You may need a compact gun safe since you only have limited storage available. Or you may also opt for a bigger one to store more than the ammunition you have. Always think about what the gun safe of your choice can offer and if it's the type you need.


You may want the smaller types, but having a bigger collection of guns will not allow you to. The capacity of the gun safe will depend on the number of ammunition you'll need to store. It would be impractical to purchase a gun safe, which cannot cater to all of your collection.

Security factor

Security might be the most crucial aspect of why people choose to buy gun safes. Having a hazardous object can post psychological distress to its owners. Thus, having a gun safe in handy will give a sense of security that nothing unexpected will happen. Others might also take an interest in your firearms. So having a trust-worthy storage can help you sleep soundly at night.


​Knowing how much does a gun safe weigh is vital in determining which type will suit your needs best. However, it should not be the only consideration. There is a lot more to think about before deciding on whether to purchase a gun safe or not. From shipping and hauling, the capacity of the safe, the number of ammunition you have, to how much weight your household can carry,

Gun safes are essential in keeping dangerous firearms secured. They also provide safekeeping for other essential things you may want to keep. The key to finding the best for you is to go back to the fundamental question- why do I need it in the first place?

  • March 20, 2020
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