How Heavy Is A Gun Safe: A Quick Guide

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One of the most important aspects of owning ammunition is storage. You have to make sure that your firearm would not post a hazard to the people around you. That's where gun safes come in. They provide the security your firearms need. However, there are a lot of things to consider, including the type, the size, and the weight. In this article, we will talk about the weight of the gun safes. So, how heavy is a gun safe?

Here’s a table to answer that question: 

Type of Gun Safe

Typical Weight

Entry-level Safes

200-600 pounds

Mid-range Safes

600-1000 pounds

High-end Safes

1000-1600 pounds

Commercial Grade Safes

2000-5000 pounds

Other factors that determine how heavy a gun safe is

Gun Safe Size

Usually, the weight of the safe comes with the size. The bigger the safe, the heavier it will be. That's because bigger safes require more steel, thicker fireboard, and shelve units.

Gauge of Steel

The gauge of steel refers to the thickness of steel present in a specific safe. Ironically, for steel measurement, the lower the number, the thicker the steel.

Layers of Fireboard

Some safes use a layer of insulator to protect valuables in case of fire. Safes with fire protection feature use multiple layers of fire retardant. So the thickness adds to the gun safe as well.

Gun Safe Design

The specific design of your gun safe can also determine how heavy a gun safe is. That’s due to additional layers of steel and composite liners. Moreover, designs also affect the price of the gun safe dramatically.

Weight Equals Security

One of the reasons why people prefer heavy and bigger safes is because of security. Often, weight equals peace of mind. Given the fact that others can easily take smaller safes, people prefer the heavier ones as not to be affected by such concern. Having a bigger safe allows you to sleep soundly without any worries at night.

Disadvantages of a Heavy Gun Safe

Heavy gun safes are usually the way to go, especially if you value security; however, having one in your household may also have some drawbacks. You always need to understand the other side of the coin to avoid unnecessary surprises.

  1. Cost - As mentioned earlier, the heavier the gun safe, the more costly it becomes. That’s because of the additional features that come with it. If you’re after practical purchase, then you have to keep the cost in mind. Other factors also add up to the total price of your gun safe. You’ll need to spare extra for shipping and installation since bigger gun safes usually require professional service.
  2. Damage to property - Bigger safes can also damage your property if you’re not very careful. If you prefer to install your safe in the basement, or your bedroom located on the second floor of your home, you have to make sure that your stairs can carry the weight of your gun safe. You also have to keep in mind the kind of flooring you have. If you have lightweight materials such as wood, you might want to reconsider and find a smaller option instead.

Recommended weight for a gun safe

The weight of your gun safe depends on the kind of firearm you have. However, put in mind that the weight of the safe does not equal security. Some heavy-duty safes can still be easy to access. So pay extra attention to the features of the gun safe you're planning to purchase.

What can add weight to your gun safe?

Many aspects determine how heavy a gun is safe. Here are other things that can add weight to your safe:

  • Fire rating - The fire retardant adds a considerable amount of weight to your gun safes. That is because they take extra space inside the safes. 
  • Inner steel - One of the most significant factors that add additional weight to your gun safes is the inner steel. It can double the weight of the safe. Though invisible in the naked eye, it keeps the gun safes durable and long-lasting. 
  • Drawers - Not all safes have a drawer component. But if you prefer to have this feature, you might need to consider the weight that it can add to your gun safe. 
  • Firearms themselves - The main reason for a gun safe is the ammunition itself—the main reason why you might need one if for safekeeping. And firearms are usually heavy. Your house may not hold the added weight of the safe and the firearms. So you mind need to think about it before purchase.

Parting Shot

​Given the increase of firearms owners, the need for gun safes are also on the rise. Thus, a lot of companies pay attention to improving their products to tailor-fit the needs of the customers. Gun safes now come in various types. And finding the best one can be quite a challenge. The most important things to remember are the type of gun safe you prefer and how heavy you want your gun safe to be.

  • March 20, 2020
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