How Do Fireproof Safes Work: Fireproof Safe Explained

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Homes and offices have valuable items, which we need to place in a safe and secure place. However, they might end up being destroyed by fire. Good thing there are fireproof safes that helps us protect our valuables. If you’re wondering the source of its fireproof power, in this article, we’ll answer the question, “How do fireproof safes work?”

What is a Fireproof Safe? 

A fireproof safe is storage units that keep your valuables from damages caused by fire. You can use this storage unit in protecting documents, money, and jewelry.

With the increased possibility that anytime a fire may occur, many establishments had secured fireproof safes today. A fireproof safe makes sure that your valuable items inside it are cannot be destroyed when there is fire by keeping the interior cool.

A typical storage unit features a double-walled steel body and special fire-resistant composite cavities. The composites contain hydrates that release water vapor when heated. The vapor will then regulate the interior temperature in the safe and create pressure seal on the exterior of the safe against the fire.

The vapor does not create damage on your items inside the safe because it escapes through strategically positioned holes. These features work on ensuring that your valuable items inside are safe.

Locks Available for Fire Safe

Fires may occur anytime due to climate change that is happening now. Also, due to many factors like electricity-generated fire and others. That is why manufacturers made several types of fireproof safes with different lock features.

These types of locks enhance the features of the safes and significantly affects how do fireproof safes work. Below are the available locks for fireproof safes.

Traditional Keylock

The key lock is the most traditional lock for safes. This lock does not use a battery instead of keys. It means that you do not need to worry when the battery runs out. Though this lock is convenient in some ways, the risk of losing the keys is the problem. Once the key was lost, you can ask for replacement keys from authorized shops.

Electronic Keypad

This type of lock is commonly used in fireproof safes. You are the one to set the Pin code and enter it when you need to open the safe. The good thing with an electronic keypad is that you can change the pin anytime you want. But make sure you remember the pin code. This lock is powered by battery, so make sure to check its battery life regularly.


Fingerprint lock uses biometric security using your fingerprint. You need to set-up and confirm your fingerprint beforehand. When opening the safe, you can easily put your finger in the scanner, and once the scanner identifies your fingerprint, the safe opens. This type of lock is also powered by batteries, just like an electronic keypad. You will need to check the battery life regularly.

Dual lock

This type of lock is a little bit complicated. You need to remember two codes to open the safe. You need to enter the first code before you can open the first door. Then, you’ll need to enter the second code before the safe completely opens.

Why Do You Need Fireproof Safe?

As discussed earlier, fireproof safes ensure that our valuable items secured when there is fire. These safes have many benefits, not just on fires.

To Keep Your Valuable Documents Organized

Documents are one of the valuable items inside fireproof safes. When these documents are placed in your tables or cabinets, you can't avoid the fact that it will end up messy when you are looking for a specific document. If you place these documents in safes, it will be organized based on categories. Thus, promoting convenience in helping you access documents quickly when you need it.

To Increase Security

How do fireproof safes work? Well, not just on fires but also against thieves. Safes have locks that are secured, and only those authorized personnel know the pin or has access to it. You can put your cash, jewelry, and other essential files inside the safe. Thus, making it safe from strangers and thieves because they surely cannot open the safe. 

To Prevent Water Damage

As these fireproof safes guarantee the safety of your valuable items against fire, so does against water damages. A fireproof safe is made of durable, sturdy, and high-quality materials that block the entrance of heat and water. Thus, your items are guaranteed safe on both fire and water.

To prevent anyone from home from accessing hazardous items

Some of us have dangerous items like a gun. We should be mindful of these things as well.

You can put guns inside the fireproof safes and avoid sharing the code, especially to young children. This way, you can prevent unauthorized access to your safe.

To Lower Insurance Rates

Fireproof safes similarly work the same way to home security systems. You have the confidence that your valuable items are safe from fire and thieves. Thus, you do not need to pay for more to your home insurance company because you already ensured the safety of your important items.

Wrap it Up!

​Fireproof safes are important to every home and other establishments. It secures that your valuables are protected from fires and thieves. Safety is one of the most benefits to consider anything that you want to invest in. Now that you have read of what is fireproof safes and how do fireproof safes work, you might as well consider buying one since it is a worthy investment.

  • March 18, 2020
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