Gun Safe Lighting: The Best Way To Light Your Safe

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Owning a gun involves a lot of responsibilities. This includes the safe-keeping and securing your firearms in a gun safe. However, owning a gun safe can be enough. You may also want to supplement it with gun safe lighting.

A properly illuminated gun safe makes it easier to see what is inside. There are many available gun safe lighting in the market, but you can also save money and be creative by making DIY gun safe lighting systems.

Features to Look for Before Buying Gun Safe Lights

Lighting systems has the same function, and that is to illuminate your gun safe. When you plan to buy one, you must focus on the key features that separate the best among those available choices. This will help you make a good decision as to what product to buy.

Here are some of the features you must know before buying one.


Gun safe lighting is not hard to install. But there are instances where you need to check the installation requirements of the lights. You need to calculate how much time the installation requires and if you need professional help.

With Motion Sensor

When you are in a hurry or an emergency, and you need to open your gun safe, finding the light switch is one of the most annoying things that gun owners might experience. Fortunately, there are available gun safe with motion sensors that lets it automatically switch on and off.

Power Source

There are two different forms of power for the lighting system, AC and DC. AC is the type of power that needs a power cord plugged into a wall outlet. This means that the lighting system needs electricity to illuminate your gun safe.

The other form of power for the lighting system is DC. DC type uses battery to lighten your gun safe. This requires you to recharge or replace your batteries if it runs out of power.

You need to think wisely in what form of power you will use in lighting up your gun safe. These two forms work perfectly depending on your needs and preference.

Type of Bulb

There are two types of bulb that we commonly use at homes that also works for safes. These bulbs are LED and CFL. These two have a significant difference in terms of performance-wise.

CFL bulbs, or what we commonly known as fluorescent bulbs, are the bulbs we commonly use at home. This type of bulb is much cheaper compared to LED, but the downside is that it takes up more energy making its lifespan shorter.

Meanwhile, LED bulbs are the most recommended bulbs for gun safe. These bulbs last longer compare to CFL. Not just that, this type of bulb is energy-efficient but is a bit pricey.

Where to Mount the Lights in your Safe

Finding the right position to which side you should mount your gun safe lighting system is important. The proper position provides you an easy access and cut down procurement costs.

Most gun owners mount their gun safe light on the door panel, preferably on the sides and top. You need to measure the angle to illuminate the whole area of the safe properly. If your gun safe does not have a power outlet, avoid drilling a hole to mount AC powered lights as it compromises the aspect of your safe.

Another thing to note is, avoid mounting your gun safe lights on the floor of the safe. It does not properly illuminate the safe, and it is prone to damage. You will end up wasting money when your gun accidentally dropped and landed on the light.

DIY Ideas

​Thinking of the cost and maintenance of gun safe lighting, you can't avoid thinking of alternatives. By just being creative and resourceful, you can rock your DIY lighting system for your safe.

Might as well consider this DIY idea!

What you need: 

Estimated cost: $50 

Estimated Labor Time: 20-30 minutes 

How to Make:  

  1. Make a plan and draw it so that you can easily check your blueprint just in case you forget something. 
  2. Make a plan and draw it so that you can easily check your blueprint just in case you forget something. 
  3. The power brick (included in the LED light package) can be installed inside the safe if your safe has a built-in power outlet. But if there is no built-in power outlet inside your safe, you can drill a hole in the side or back of the safe, and you can run the wire securely through the nearest power outlet. 
  4. After that, you can now attach the LED strips. Each strip has four pins at the end that link with the next strip's plug. Make sure to match the positive (+) markings on both pins of the strips. 
  5. Secure the strips inside your safe using an adhesive (included in the LED light package), or you can cut Velcro and stick it on the back of the LED strips. 
  6. Lastly, mount the IR remote (included in the LED light package) onto the safe’s door using a Velcro. Then turn your gun safe lighting system now. 

See? Easy and affordable. You also showcase your creative ideas that work well. The fact that you lessen your expenses, you also have enjoyed making your DIY lights. 

Parting shots

​Illuminating your gun safe provides you a lot of benefits. Not just for easy access but also in complying with the law. Instead of spending much money on buying gun safe lighting, you can also make one for your safe.

Do-It-Your lighting systems work the same way with other gun safe lightings. Plus, it is a fun way of converting your ideas into something that works. It is cost-efficient and a great way of spending your free time.

  • March 19, 2020
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