Gun Safe Door Organizer: Organizing And Accessorizing Your Gun Safe

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A gun safe is an ideal option for gun owners to secure their firearms and other valuable items. There are many available sizes of gun safes, but as the number of things within gun safes increases, it tends to become disorganized. Gun safe door organizer is the solution to this problem.

Gun safe door organizers extend the safe's storage space by holding multiple firearms, ammo pouches, magazines, and other valuables within each place. The best door organizers are purchasable through online shops, but you can also create a DIY gun safe door organizer.

Benefits of Having Gun Safe Door Organizer

Gun safe door organizer helps in extending and maximizing your safe’s space. But this organizer also works in several ways.

Here are some benefits of using door organizers for safes.

Provides Convenience When You Need to Reach Commonly-used Items

Ideally, you can put your frequently-used items in the door organizers. This lets you have an easy and quick way of reaching these items. Whether it’s your working gun or some extra magazines, it will be easy for you to get these items once you are in a hurry or emergency.

Adds Extra Space to Your Safe

Door organizers are commonly used to extend your safe’s space. There are models of gun safe door organizers that can hold up to 8 handguns. This adds extra space on your safe wherein you can store some important documents, jewelry, and any valuable items.


Since door organizers are designed to be compatible with the size variation of safes, this means that these are adjustable. The best door organizers are fully adjustable, so you will be able to determine which of their pockets you'll use, and where to place each pocket and holster.

Using an adjustable, safe door organizer is an advantage because it will allow you to use the safe's and the organizer's storage spaces to their maximum extent. Every pocket or holster the organizer comes with will take up some space.

Easy to Install

When you want to install door organizers, there is no need for you to hire someone to do it. You can do it on your own because most organizers are easy to install. An attachment clip is included in the door organizer set, which is easy to use instead of screws and bolts.

The attachment clips safely secure the door organizer, making it easy and quick to install. You no longer need to drill a hole or use nails in securing the organizer.

Gun Safe Door Organizers Key Features


Door organizers are easy and quick to mount. Choose a gun safe door organizer that does not need specialized tools when installing. Some products will require you to make holes in your door organizer.

You can choose door organizers, which you can easily install by using attachment clips. Make sure that the product comes with there attachment clips or buy separate clips.


This feature is the main reason why you get a door organizer. Gun safe door organizer extends the space of your safe. Look for products that can hold many items and is versatile in holding any gun sizes. This way, you’ll maximize your safe space and can store additional items.


Door organizers must be durable for it to hold the gun's weight. Durability plays a huge part in ensuring that your guns will not fall. See to it that the organizer can carry multiple heavy items.

Pouches and Pockets

One of the reasons why you want to buy a door organizer is to organize your guns properly. The best door organizers should have durable pouches and pockets that can withstand the weight of your items.

Material Components

The material tells in hand the durability of the door organizer, and this depends on the number of clutter you require to move and stock in the door organizer. If you have many guns, you will surely need more excellent quality material to allow the door organizer to carry the weight of the firearms and their ammo.


What is The Ideal Size of the Door Organizer?

The size of your gun safe will tell you of what is the perfect size of your door organizer. The ideal size is a little smaller than the door of your safe. This size does not obstruct when you close the door of safe.

You can't be wrong with choosing a gun safe door organizer that is somewhat smaller than the dimension of the door.

What is the Price Range of Door Organizers

Door organizers are not that expensive. Just like any product, the quality, size, and brand dictate the price of the items. Usually, door organizers range from $25-$400. But you can lessen up the cost by being creative and resourceful in making DIY organizers.

Are Door Organizers Fireproof?

Some door organizers are fireproof, but not all. Just like gun safe, there are door organizers that can resist heat and water.

Wrap it Up!

​The best gun safe door organizer must possess some of the key features mentioned in this article. These features may also vary depending on the brand and model of the available door organizers.

Having a gun safe door organizer is one of the best ways to add some space to your safe. This helps you properly organize your guns and keep them handier when there is an emergency.

If you want to save money, and if you have free time, you can showcase your creativity by making DIY gun safe organizers. This way, you can customize how your door organizer will look like and also you can ensure its durability.

  • March 19, 2020
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