Festive Season: A Goldmine for Burglars

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As the year draws to a close and the cold weather hits us like a ton of bricks, blissfully many of us are unaware of the fact that in December, there is a spike in the number of burglaries, especially during festive season. During the holidays, there are on average twice as many burglaries committed than normal.

A lot of people, during the holidays, spend extended periods of time to be with family and or friends to celebrate the New Year and to be together for all the Christmas festivities. These are social gatherings where everyone is relaxed and if we’re being honest, a little bit tipsy.  Often find these activities last well into the night. This provides burglaries all the right opportunities.

CNN extracted data from FBI for 2011 and compiled the report clearly showing that home burglaries saw sudden spike across the nation during the festive season.

Burglary Reports December

December remained the busiest month for burglars mainly due to the holidays, but these are dark winter months, which certainly help the plight of these robbers. The main findings of the reports are,

  • Burglaries were on peak Nationally but the spike in December witnessed,
  • 18% increase in burglaries for Dec-11 recorded alone in California,
  • Some cities experienced their greatest number burglaries in the two weeks following Christmas.

These numbers do not account for any additional psychological costs to the homeowners, as burglary victims may subsequently live in fear and harbor feelings of personal violation.

Some Simple Steps to Prevent Burglary

In order to prevent these burglaries, the answer isn’t as simple as remaining at home during the holidays. The chance of a break-in can be reduced with a few simple measures.

  • Of course, the most important and most obvious measure is to close your house if you’re going elsewhere and check all the locks thoroughly, do this even if you live in a remote corner of the country.
  • While you’re letting off lights, being cozy with all the neighbors on the street, burglars will hit their stride and will make their way into your house through the back door that is left unlocked, or that one can easily accessible upstairs window which was carelessly left opened.
  • It is important to leave the impression that the house is not empty but rather there is someone in the house. Leave some glasses on the table, have the radio playing and have one or two lamps that are turned on, possibly using a timer. Also, install an outdoor light with a light sensor.
  • A timer can help. With timers, you can turn on the interior light in time and make sure the lighting in different areas of the house and set the timer to switch them off.

The lights in the tree! Don’t forget about those. A Christmas tree whose lights have been out – especially around Christmas itself – is a pretty clear signal to burglars that no one is at home.

This infographic has 8 simple tips to prevent burglary during your vacation.

Festive Season: A Goldmine for Burglars 1

Make your belongings no “Christmas Gifts” for burglars

It is also important to keep your valuables in the hidden safes when you move around. Do not leave car keys, wallet, smartphone, tablet, etc. on a table or dresser which is in sight, and certainly not in near proximity to the window. And those gifts under the tree look very nice, but it arouses the interest of those uninvited guests.

Put valuables in a safe

Passports, money, jewelry, watches and other things of value out of sight, but of course the only way to secure them is to put them in a well-anchored safe. Even if a robber manages to enter your house, a safe will ensure that they will leave your humble abode without your valuables. So, are you looking for a good best home safe?
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