Best Place To Buy A Gun Safe: A Buyer’s Guide

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A gun safe is a solid investment, but it does not come cheap. If you are asking yourself: where is the best place to buy a gun safe? There are known safe retailers such as Amazon, Academy, Dunham's Sports, CostCo, and so much more. They offer the same safe brands at almost the same prices. This is why this is the least of your worries. There are many things to consider before buying the best gun safe.

Weapons can be dangerous. This is why owners should be meticulous enough to purchase the right safe for these weapons. Buying a safe is not all fun and games because aside from its hefty price, the safety of your family is at stake. In this article, we will discuss the know-hows, such as the best places to buy a gun safe. The benefits a safe can offer will surely make your money well-spent. The peace of mind it gives is also priceless.

Types of Gun Safes

Gun Safes vary in different ways. For example, when it comes to gun storage options, we have two types: actual gun safes or lockers. However, mostly for marketing purposes, these gun lockers call themselves gun safes now. There is a thin line between the two, but there is a significant distinction as to its fire protection. Gun safes offer fire protection, while gun lockers do not.

Gun lockers are useful options when it comes to steel gauge. If you live on the fifth floor of an apartment, it is always ideal to go for lightweight alternatives. There is no way of knowing the structural integrity of your floor, and some gun safes are heavier for extra security. Some building owners tend to test the structural integrity of the floor by pressing down a 500-pound metal box on it.

Some opt for the smaller options, wherein they can stack only several handguns. These are usually rapid-access safes that are installed next to a bed, in a closet, or even in cars. There are antique cabinets as well that are designed to showcase a gun collection, not to provide security. The design of these cabinets is elegant, almost always a walk-in gun vault. However, these are not the top options since safes or cabinets are usually bought for security.

Benefits of Gun Safes

There are two primary threats to your firearms, namely a fire or theft. A house fire, however, has a higher risk of happening. To be on a safe side, gun owners usually go for the safes that offer both fire protection and theft protection.

Another thing that a gun safe can offer is child protection. You can choose from a plethora of safe options in terms of access modes. Typically, gun owners would go for ones that toddlers could not crack. However, it is always best to teach these children not to touch these safes or hide them away from their vicinity.

All about your Gun Safe Steel

How do you think would a burglar try to pry open a gun safe? Would he be like one of those Hollywood cat burglars, with a stethoscope in his ears, trying to figure out the possible combinations to the safe? No. He would swoop in violently, with a fire ax in hand, trying to pry the door open. The extreme ones would use torches.

The hard steel of your safe is what makes it a good safe. Its other components are secondary to this factor. Take note that the best gauge of steel starts at 10-gauge as the minimum. The main area of attack is usually the door of the safe, which is the reason why the door is always thicker than the rest of its body.

Do not measure the thickness of the steel of your safe with the naked eye. Know the specs before making your purchase. Another tip is to go for safes with full continuous welding, and they can go a long way in terms of durability.

Gun Safe Lock Modes

There are three access modes in modern gun safes: combination, electronic, and biometric lock.

Combination Lock 

This access mode is the most traditional one. It is the epitome of reliability and simplicity. All you need to do is spin the dial then unlock the door. However, if you have a really bad memory, that is going to be a problem. Nevertheless, if you need a gun pronto, a combination lock can offer the fastest access mode if operated properly. 

Electronic Lock

To speed up the process, even more, we have electronic locks. You can punch in a code and voila, your safe is open. Gun safes with this kind of access mode are user-friendly and are extremely secure. You can also opt to store multiple combinations for different users. Moreover, they initiate lockouts on multiple erroneous entries. The only weakness of this kind of access mode is when there is no electricity or when it runs out of battery. Sure, there will be a backup key, but that will be bothersome in times of emergencies.

Biometric Safes

This is the most modern way of accessing your safe. Biometric safes give you instant access with just a scan of a finger. You may also choose to store numerous fingerprints, including your family members'. However, this kind of technology can be faulty at times, especially when your hands are dirty. So make sure your hands are spick-and-span before using the scanner.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Gun Safe?

There is no best place when it comes to buying a bun safe. You have a list of options to choose from, whether online or at your local retail store. Here are some of the best ones you can choose from:

  • Amazon
  • CostCo
  • DunHam’s Sports 
  • The Home Depot 
  • Walmart
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse 
  • Wayfair
  • Gunsafesnow
  • Tacticalgear
  • Cannonsafe
  • Fort Knox 
  • Heritage
  • Patriot

Safe and Sound

​With all this information in mind, you are now ready for your purchase. There is no judgment here. You can get all meticulous as you want with your prized possessions since you worked hard for them. Now you know all the most vital information, including the best place to buy a gun safe. Compared to losing all you have, buying a gun safe is a pretty small investment. You deserve the best security in the world.