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Which Safe Lock Should I Choose?

Look at the types of vault locks available for a conventional safe that is in a home or small business, and you can divide the lock into three types, namely a safe with a mechanical lock, electronic lock, or a biometric lock.

Mechanical safe locks

Mechanical locks require no power and are therefore less susceptible to interference. Often they are also cheaper than, say, electronic safes.

Safe with key lock

Safes with the key lock are usually the simplest ones, Therefore, the choice for a safe with a key lock is the most obvious choice if you are looking for an affordable safe. It’s Ideal for a home. They are easy to open and close with a key. The great advantage of this safe lock is that you have no codes to remember. A disadvantage is that you have to save somewhere keys (including spare keys) and preferably not near the safe. So either learn the passcode or keep the spare keys in a place only you know of.

Mechanical combination lock

As its name suggests, it’s a combination lock using a combination code. A set of figures is used to open the lock and close it. The lock combination can actually be subdivided into two types.

Firstly the simple variant you probably know, for example, padlocks and suitcases. You have multiple wheels with the numbers from 0 to 9 on it. Which one to get together in the right order by rotating them. Course, you have to set your own code. Some of our book lockers are equipped with this type vault lock. You just have to remember your personal code.

And secondly, the most typical or recognizable safe lock is a mechanical combination lock that uses disks. These can be identified by the rotary which has stripes and numbers around it. The discs that were mentioned earlier have to perfectly align and in order to do that there is a small circular knob on the rotary lock that can be twisted to place the discs in the correct places.

There is no key needed to open the safe and close. A disadvantage of this type of safe locks is that it takes more time to open the lock. If you do not often need what have in the safe then this is not a problem, but for businesses it may soon be perceived to be as difficult. And what if you need reading glasses? Then the choice of a mechanical combination lock with discs is not recommended because of the precision required in opening the safe lock. Even trembling fingers do not make it easier to open.

It’s probably not for nothing that this type vault lock is often seen in films as burglars try to crack a safe. By its action, the scene is always just more exciting.

Electronic safe lock

The electronic safe is also known as a safe with a combination lock, it is hugely popular for homes, clubs, shops, and small businesses. They are easy to open with a code. This digits can be chosen and set. The lockers are fitted with a user code and a master code. If the code (depending on model) is entered incorrectly several times, the keypad for a certain period will be blocked. This happens in most cases for about 5 minutes. In this way, the contents of the safe are safely protected against theft.

In the event of an emergency, to be on the safe side, they are also equipped with a mechanical lock. Thus, you can always open it with a key as a backup.

Safe with biometric lock

Can a safe open with your fingerprint? This is possible when the model is carried out with a biometric lock. Each fingerprint is unique, so only those whose fingerprint is set to open the safe has a quick and easy access to the safe. It is possible to store a plurality of fingers with which to open the safe. If you do not want to use your fingerprint, you can use your own personal code.

Anchor the safe for maximum security

Now I hear you thinking; now the box does have a good safe lock, but can thieves still pick up the whole vault and run away? Well to answer your question, it is wise to anchor the safe to the floor or wall. Most safes are equipped with pre-drilled anchor holes and associated mounting hardware. This assures you of the safe being anchored and equipped with a burglar proof safe lock!

World’s 12 Most Ridiculously Secure Safes and Places

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety comes right after one attains completion of physiological needs required for survival. With the lack of safety, people begin to live under constant stress that affects both mental and physical health. However, there are some people who never feel protected, regardless of the precautionary measures they take.
we have the pre-conceived notion that only governments around the world have maximum security vaults, but there are also some deposits and places that are as protected as a nation’s nuclear codes. Keep reading for 12 amazingly secured places and vault.

12. Alcatraz Prison

This is the best-kept prison on the planet, serving as the home for the most dangerous criminals and terrorists. The cells of the place are made of pure concrete and cells have windows high up with a view of the sky.
Most prisoners were confined to solitary confinements and cannot make any gestures without triggering various complex motion detection systems. Not that there were many brave ones who would try to face the various armed towers and dogs trained to attack any sign of escape. In all the years that Alcatraz was operational, only three prisoners managed to escape and even they were widely believed to have drowned.

11. Mormon Chruch Secret Vault

The Mormon safe, also known as safe of the Granite Mountain Records, is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter – day Saints. With 182 meters, this facility was built on the side of a gigantic rock located in Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

In fact, this area is surrounded by rock and one shall not think that it is possible to use a dynamite for the purposes of forced entry since the complex was mounted to withstand a nuclear attack and has doors identical to those used in a bank, which are programmed to automatically close under impact.

Although there are some employees inside the vault, it is not open to the public or to church members. Now the question arises: what archival or super-secret treasure would be guarded by this religious group, under seven keys, and under a whole mountain? Supposedly only a few monotonous papers on genealogy and other parish documents, but that’s rather hard to believe.

Still, a vault capable of surviving an apocalypse seems to be a somewhat exaggerated solution to protect some mundane documents, prompting some to suspect that the vault hides many mysterious items.

For example, some Mormon detractors believe the site hides historically disparate documents about religion, which are being guarded to keep the church from being attacked or possibly prove that it is all a fraud.
Mormon leaders belittle conspiracy theories and say the reserve has only microfiche and microfilm being restored and converted to digital media.

10. Pionen Bunker

Pionen Bunker is a gigantic data center that hosts the servers of the world’s leading sites and services. One of its most famous clients is Wikileaks – the stateless organization responsible for major leaks and government scandals in the media.

First, the site was a civil defense center built at White Mountain in Stockholm, Sweden, and used to protect local government departments in the event of nuclear attacks.

Some time later, the Pionen Bunker was purchased by the Bahnhof provider and converted into a data center defended by a 40 cm thick door, which can only be accessed through a small tunnel and able to withstand a hydrogen bomb.

The rooms seem to have come out of a spy movie because they have panels with state-of-the-art computers, a floating conference room and walls of pure granite.

9. JPMorgan and Chase Safes

JPMorgan and Chase, one of the largest holding companies, has some of the world’s best-preserved coffers. One of them is located five stories below the level of the streets of Manhattan, New York. It is almost the same size as a soccer field and stores an immense load of gold.

While its size is impressive, some people are more concerned about its proximity to the Federal Reserve Bank, since the two depots are positioned on the same street. Some conspirators believe the two super banks are interconnected through an underground tunnel and that the US government and JPMorgan are pooled to manipulate the country’s economy.

The location of the other company’s vault was a mystery until, in March 2013, the financial website Zero Hedge found that it was situated below the business complex in London. Coincidentally or not, the underground bank is also close to a government reserve, the Bank of England. In addition, the underground tunnel that connects the two closed at the weekends. Like every first-rate safe, JPMorgan’s two reservoirs can survive a direct nuclear attack.

8. Vatican Secret Archives

Like the strongbox of the Mormons, the secrets of the Catholics are very well guarded. After all, if Dan Brown’s books are right, some of the papers stored there may destroy the Catholic church and expose some contradictions that have been preached for thousands of years.

Of course, Catholic officials argue that there is nothing illegal lying in the centennial labyrinths that serve as a depository. However, the file is watched 24 hours a day by the Pope’s Swiss Guards. They say it contains rooms with rows of shelves stuffed with documents dating back to the 8th century.

To honor 400 years of the reserve – and reduce suspicions about the place – in 2012 the Catholic church put hundreds of Vatican artifacts on display in the Capitoline Museums. Some of the most notable papers are the court documents on the trial of the Knights Templar, the charge of Galileo Galilei’s heresy and a request for the divorce by King Henry VIII.

Still, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many criticize the church because only clergymen and qualified students can enter the file, and even those who enter the site can not check some items without obtaining prior approval.
There is an urban legend that says the Catholic Church hides some books that validate the Mormon religion and contradict the bible. But there are also those who believe that the archive hides the first collections of pornography ever found.

7. Air Force One

The Air Force One aircraft design was thought to turn into a mobile White House for the President of the United States in cases of threats. What makes the airplane highly safe is that it does not need to land to fill the fuel tank.

In addition, all equipment on board is shielded with an electromagnetic shield and the aircraft can fly over zones with high radiation content – in cases of nuclear attack. From Air Force One, it is also possible to catch radars and even launch heat-seeking missiles.

6. KFC Safe

While most vaults hold gold or religious relics, but an American fast food empire, nothing is more important than their secret recipe. The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) stores with top priority its formula consisting of 11 herbs and secret peppers used in its original Colonel Sanders fried chicken.

In 2009, the list received an updated chest at KFC headquarters in Kentucky. During the five months it was being built, the recipe was hidden in a mysterious facility and transported in the most secretive agent style, with a suitcase attached to the wrist, sunglasses, and everything.

Now the KFC’s largest treasure trove is stored in state-of-the-art security, which includes motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and 24-hour guards. A large concrete wall protects the safe and the security system is connected directly to a backup server.

Apparently, not even the network president knows what the formula behind the famous fried chicken is, only two KFC executives are currently allowed to use the vault, but no one knows who they are. In addition, they prevent suppliers from trying to guess the ingredients as they place orders using several different companies.

Of course, all this protection system is to increase the hype of the brand and increase your advertising. However, in 2001, the company sued a couple who claimed to have found the formula in one of their old homes.

5. Church Scientology Box

Scientology is yet another one of the religions mentioned on this list that store their secrets in an impenetrable vault. It is located in an underground complex in the New Mexico desert, only a few hours’ drive from Roswell – a place famous for the appearance of UFOs.

Inside the cave, excavated to support a hydrogen bomb, are titanium cascades containing iron plates and gold discs inscribed with the fundamental teachings of Scientology. All of this is protected by three stainless steel doors weighing more than 2,267 kg. In the soil above the depository, special symbols are marked that can only be viewed from the sky.

Many people are suspicious that geometric shapes serve as an extraterrestrial medium of communication. Some former churchgoers have confirmed the suspicions, explaining that the marks are made so that future Scientologists who visit Earth from other planets can find the place.

But others say the symbols do not serve as flags for aliens, but as a “turning point” for L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of religion. According to them, the man needs to find a way back to the base after reincarnation.

4. International Seed Silo of Esvalbarda

Although technically Norway owns Esvalbarda’s International Seed Silo, its founders were the Global Crop Diversity Trust, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and other organizations and governments. In addition, Norwegians guarantee entry to any person who is using one of their depositories on the premises.
As the name suggests, the reservoir is used to store an immense variety of seeds in an attempt to preserve the diversity of the crop and to ensure that mankind has a source of food independent of any disaster that strikes Earth.

The reserve is located in Esvalbarda – one of the most remote places in the world. The territory is a huge stone in the Arctic Circle, and the vault is located in an old copper mine.
As if the isolated landscape was not enough, the seed store is defended by impact proof doors, motion sensors, pressurized booths and a steel meter reinforced with concrete. Its unique climate and geological position should keep samples safe from any disaster – caused by man or not – for hundreds of years.

There are suspicions that renowned philanthropists like Gates are building mass sterilization vaccines under the guise of humanitarian aid, while the real plan would be to create a superior type of race. According to some controversy theorists, everything indicates that the seed fits in some way for global control and depopulation of the Earth.

3. Iron Mountain Safe

The Iron Mountain vault is located in Germantown, New York which stores records underground and serves global customers. Formerly, the place was an abandoned mine, used as a mushroom farm.

Taking advantage of the Cold War generated paranoia, the security company, opened in the 1950s, offers a way to house corporate documents, even avoiding nuclear attacks.

2. Swiss Bank Safes

When you think of security, the Swiss coffers are the best, as they provide complete anonymity for customers and do not ask too many questions. Even though the deposit boxes are well guarded, the true protection of the items comes from the bankers who are beholden to an Act that was introduced in 1934 which made it illegal for a Swiss banker to talk about their account holders. Something essential, since most of its clients, are not Swiss citizens, but corrupt officials, dictators, Mafioso, and dishonest politicians.

Gaps in Swiss law affecting such clients are very rare since local government is specifically strict with any breach of banking or commercial confidentiality.

1. Antwerp Diamond Center

The Antwerp Diamond Center in Belgium is well known for two reasons: because it is the most impenetrable diamond deposit in the world and, ironically, for having been the victim of an incomprehensible robbery in 2003.
Originally, the vault kept collections of 1,500 diamond merchants, storing about 70% of diamond ore on the planet. Of course, the owners of the vault took serious steps to protect items with safety equipment, which included heat detectors, seismic sensors, magnetic fields, Doopler radars and a lock with more than 100 million possible combinations.

The entrance door to the vault weighed three tons, being built from solid steel. To leak it, at least 12 hours of uninterrupted drilling were required. However, all these measures were not enough to prevent an Italian gang known as “The School of Turin” from invading the place and stealing US $ 100 million (just over US $ 300 million) in diamonds and treasures.

In an action worthy of the movie “11 Men and One Secret”, they managed to turn off the alarms and invade the safe. Antwerp officials only noticed the robbery the next day, when they found the place open and looted. The estate was never recovered, but police were able to arrest a man, Leonardo Notarbartolo, relying on the DNA samples found at the crime scene.

At the time, he reported that the diamond dealers hired his team and ordered the robbery and that it was all part of a plan designed to deal a blow to the insurance company.
After that, the Antwerp Diamond Center improved its safety measures with an even better safe. However, the 2003 case shows that no safe is good enough to prevent a robbery, especially when dealing with smart criminal minds.

Store Your Valuables in Disguised and Hidden Safes

If you have jewelry, cash, important documents or some other form of valuables to keep, it is best to put them in the hidden safes. This will ensure that all your valuables are secure at one place and you are protecting it from possible theft loss.

However, it is best to install the safe in such a place which is difficult to discover. By doing this, you have prepared first layer of protection for your valuables. To achieve your goal it is best to disguise it or hide it. There are some places where you can hide your safe.


First comes first, leave no traces. That is, if you are thinking of doing home renovations, it is best to find a wall or some other place to install the safe before finishing the work. Cover the front part with some layer of wood or anything you deem fit in that situation. You can also hide your safe behind a mirror. In this way, no one can notice your safe.


You can install the safe in a closet. For this, it is best to make proper arrangement in the cabinet to hide the safe and then disguise the safe with the interior of the closet.


You can put the safe behind a wall and place a picture in front of it. This service must also be done by a professional who is able enough to make the hole on the wall and prepare the wall to hang the frame.


Your child’s room is one of the best places to hide the safe. Ideal places could be behind the toy zone or behind the crib. Remember that if a thief enters your home, your child’s room will be the last place to look for jewelry.


Kitchen or your pantry is most suitable option to hide the safe. There are ample chances to disguise the safe. Put the safe inside a cabinet, a box with utensils like pans or pots. Or build your safe in the wall and construct cabinet, cupboard in front of it that can be moved when required.


Why not install a dummy safe? You can install a dummy safe with all caution which we use in our original safe. In dummy safe, you do purchase a real safe but don’t use it to store your precious items. Instead, we install another safe for safe keeping of our valuables. A burglar put his best efforts in breaking the dummy safe and wastes his time. He uses all the time in breaking that safe until he succeeds in his attempt. After breaking the safe, when he see less valuable items he leaves the house without further looking for another safe because he is already exhausted in breaking the dummy safe.


Your couch or sofa is also a viable option to hide your safe. Such installation remains unnoticeable and leaves no traces. Such sofas are used in routine for sitting purpose and you have the full-time eye on them.

Safes Only with Combination or With Emergency Key

It may happen that an electronic safe is no longer being able to open mostly due to the reason that we have forgotten the code. Another possible situation could be the dead batteries. Who have purchased an electronic safe for the first time has usually also the fear of not being able to open it because of an electronic malfunction, but if we talk about quality products and workmanship, such situation is very rare.

Another possible situation could be the dead batteries or the individual who has purchased an electronic safe for the first time might have the fear of not being able to open it because of an electronic malfunction. But if we talk about quality products and workmanship electronic malfunction is very rare.

In all such situations, it is very useful to have an emergency key to open the safe.

The key, however, may pose a major security issue. If you hide the key in the same location where your safe is installed, there are great chances that a thief can find and use to open the safe. Many think they hide the key in safe place but experience shows that thieves are smarter than you tend to believe.
One of the most classic hideouts for a key is the book.


A matter of fact, if there is a truly safe place to hide the key, we could use it to hide values directly and there would be no need of safe.

The only true solution is to hide the key in a different place like your office, home of a relative or friend truly trusted. Sole use of the key is to avoid possible bothering in the case of emergency.

Another possible issue raised from the emergency key is that someone could make a copy. For this reason, it is important that emergency keys of safes use a patented profile to be duplicated so that you can get a copy only authorized centers after showing the ownership card, possibly accompanied by the original key and/or showing an identity card for the owner.

After addressing the problem of custody and management of the key, one last threat is still there. The existence of the emergency key lock still represents a potential risk for safety, because it is one of the points that are used to break the safe. Lock with a tubular key greatly decreases the safety.

It is, therefore, essential that emergency locks on safes use a safety key and that they are well protected, with appropriate protection plates, against attempts of breaking or drilling.

From a security point of view, an electronic safe without an emergency key is considered fully protected without any issue. In the case, if the batteries run out, there is no problem, because almost all manufacturers offer the ability to connect the electrical system externally with a backup battery to facilitate the change of internal batteries without hassle.

However, if you forget the code you are in great trouble because you have no way to open it expect to break it. All such safe are useless which can be opened without breaking them.

To avoid these problems you need to save the code in a secure safe to recover later on as desired. Hiding a code is easier than hiding a key. Just obviously didn’t write it on a card locked in the safe, or mark it in the phone book under “safe”!